Frequently Asked Questions

Orders, Shipping & Returns

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to get your The Silicone Kitchen products in your kitchen as soon as possible. After receiving your order, we aim to get your package in the mail within 1-2 business days, sometimes same-day, if possible. Once shipped, most orders arrive within 2-5 days, depending on your location and distance from North Carolina.

How much is shipping?

One thing that really grinds my gears is the price in your cart skyrocketing when you go to check out. We provide free shipping on all of our purchases, so there are no surprises. 

How do I return my order?

We want you to love your The Silicone Kitchen products. If, for some reason, The Silicone Kitchen products did not meet your expectations, we offer free returns. Please email to initiate the return and mail the returned item to The Silicone Kitchen 345 Sunset Grove Dr, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Once the item is received, you will receive a refund back to your original payment method.

I purchased on Amazon or, how do I return my order?

All of our products on Amazon or Walmart are fulfilled by Amazon, and Walmart respectively. Amazon and Walmart, therefore handle all shipping, refunds, and replacements on orders placed on their platform. In order to request a refund or replacement on either platform, please go to your orders, select the order in question, and then scroll to where it says refund/replace and follow the steps from there. Amazon customer service is typically very efficient at resolving any issues you may have.

Do The Silicone Kitchen products come with a warranty?

Each The Silicone Kitchen product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, your The Silicone Kitchen purchase does not meet your expectations, please contact us. We want to make it right. (Please note, product purchase must have been from The Silicone Kitchen, no resellers, in an authorized channel).

Frequently Asked Questions

Use & Care

How do I care for my The Silicone Kitchen products?

Most The Silicone Kitchen products are dishwasher safe or can be cleaned using soap and water. 

Are The Silicone Kitchen products oven safe?

With the exception of The Silicone Kitchen silicone strainer (metal clips), all of the other The Silicone Kitchen products are oven safe up to 445°F (230°C). 

Are The Silicone Kitchen products microwave safe?

With the exception of The Silicone Kitchen silicone strainer (metal clips), all of the other The Silicone Kitchen products are microwave safe. 

Can The Silicone Kitchen products be used in an air fryer?

Sure can! We highly recommend trying out the silicone air fryer liner or even a variety of baking cup sizes. (Note: The Silicone Kitchen silicone strainer is not air fryer safe).

Can The Silicone Kitchen products be put in the freezer?

Yes! All The Silicone Kitchen products can be in the freezer. We love using the baking mats to line freezers, or make popsicles and other frozen goodies in The Silicone Kitchen baking cups. 

How do I remove stains from my The Silicone Kitchen products?

Some particular seasonings and oils can stain silicone, particularly The Silicone Kitchen baking mats or baking cups. A few ways to address those stains are to set them out in the sunlight for nature's way of cleaning, you can also soak in baking soda and vinegar. Don't worry any pesky stains should not impact the usability of your silicone kitchen tools and accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All About Silicone

Tell me more about the silicone used in The Silicone Kitchen products

All The Silicone Kitchen products are made with 100% food-grade silicone, non-toxic, and BPA free. 

Is silicone safe to eat off of?

Yes! All of our products are made with 100% food-grade silicone. The silicone used in our products have been tested against both FDA and LFGB standards and passed. 

Where is The Silicone Kitchen located?

The Silicone Kitchen is a small, woman-owned, business located in Pittsboro, NC. 

Where are The Silicone Kitchen products made?

The Silicone Kitchen is located in Pittsboro, NC, and our manufacturing takes place in China, where we have partnered with a highly experienced silicone manufacturer with the certifications and quality we expect for our products. 

Do The Silicone Kitchen products pass the "pinch test"?

The heart of the "pinch test" question is whether or not the silicone items are 100% silicone. All of The Silicone Kitchen products are made with 100% food-grade silicone and pass the standards set forth by the FDA and LFGB. While the pinch test sounds like a nice, easy, way to self-test, unfortunately it is actually a myth. The only way to accurately test for the quality of silicone products is to conduct a professional test. Fortunately, the silicone used by The Silicone Kitchen has undergone, and passed, professional testing. 

I wish The Silicone Kitchen had...

Tell me more! What silicone products, or color schemes would you like to see next? Most of our new product releases are ideas provided by customers. Please let us know what you're thinking by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Partnerships & Wholesale

Does The Silicone Kitchen have an affiliate program?

All of our products are available on Amazon. If you are a member of Amazon affiliates, you can also reach out to us on Amazon's Creator Connections to set up campaigns. We are working on additional off-Amazon affiliate programs, stay tuned!

Where can I purchase The Silicone Kitchen?

The Silicone Kitchen is available on Amazon, on, @thesiliconekitchen Facebook and Instagram stores, and in HomeGoods stores. If you purchase outside of those locations The Silicone Kitchen (or imitators), it is not authentic The Silicone Kitchen products and we cannot extend our warranty to those products. 

How do I become a The Silicone Kitchen retailer?

​Thank you so much for your interest in The Silicone Kitchen! Please reach out to and let's chat. (Please note, we handle all e-commerce sales ourselves and do not allow resellers on any e-commerce platforms such as, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etsy, Temu, etc). 

I am a retailer, do you have a catalog?

Yes, we do! Please view our most recent catalog here.

Do you provide a discount on bulk orders?

Feel free to reach out to for bulk orders to see what we can offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Educator Donation Program

Why did you start the Educator Donation Program?

Our family has long roots in education, with two of our closest cousins being art and special education teachers. It all started when we thought the art teacher might really love some baking cups for paint projects instead of disposable cups. After flooding her school with as many baking cups and baking mats as they could possibly use, we formalized our Educator Donation Program to expand locally here in Chatham County and Chapel Hill, NC, as well as nationwide. The Educator Donation Program has spanned over 250+ classrooms across 35 states (+ DC). To learn more about the Educator Donation Program visit here.

What sort of donations do educators/caregivers receive?

A small percentage of sales come back as returns and we do not put those items back into new inventory. Often times these returns are new or gently used and are entered directly into our Educator Donation Program. The items vary based on our inventory, but most often are baking cups and mesh bags. 

Is it really free?

The program is entirely free, including shipping. We feel strongly that we expect teachers and caregivers to give too many of their own resources to provide for their students and patients. We would like to provide this program for free for as long as we can as our way to give back and acknowledge the important role educators and caregivers play in our society. 

Who can request free product as a part of the Educator Donation Program?

The Educator Donation Program is open to all educators and caregivers, ranging from daycares/preschools, homeschools, to trade programs and elementary/middle/high school education. If you have a way to use new or gently used products in a way that gives back, please let us know.